Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mahi Mahi from L&L BBQ

OK, so we really have this Hawaiian theme going, which I am sure my Grandma would be OK with (at least for awhile, but she probably would also suggest that it is time to get back to her recipe boxes and quit messing around).  So I will listen to that little voice and move on, but I thought I would share some dinner we had this week.  This probably won't seem like a big deal to any body unless they have lived in Hawaii and then moved to the mainland.  Once you have lived in Hawaii for any amount of time, I believe that when you leave, one of the things you miss (right up there with beautiful blue skies and a warm blue ocean, sandy beaches and some of the worlds warmest, kindest people) is the food.  Texas hasn't been the mecca of "local" food and up until recently,  I was doing my best to make sure Bubba and I got a fix of chicken katsu, kalua pig or teriyaki chicken every now and then.  But now...L&L Hawaiian BBQ (a franchise from Hawaii), has popped up on my way home from work.  They have it all and the menu is exactly like those in Hawaii.  Their saimin is awesome and Bubba loves the spam musubi.  I guess we are considered regulars.  The picture above is a Mahi Mahi Plate, one of my favorites.

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