Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Pictures from the Past

Long before I ever thought about a food blog, we were taking pictures of food.  I think I mentioned in a previous post about the picture taking that preceeds eating at most family events.  Perhaps this attitude towards food and pictures goes way back in our family history.  While I don't remember lots of picture taking when I was growing up, what I do remember is my Grandpa taking/making home movies.  You know, the reel to reel kind.  And now that I think about it, I can remember a few of those times we gathered around to watch old movies and a few slide shows too. I am sure my Grandma had something for us to eat while watching the movies, I just can't remember what it could have been (maybe cookies or cake (or Jell-O). Maybe there are some old food pictures out there somewhere that I just don't know about.  Recently, while looking through my old pictures I came across this picture from a trip we took a few years back when Bubba was coaching a baseball team that "represented" the USA and played various teams throughout Belgium and Holland.  Over the course of 10 days, we combined baseball, site seeing, eating and a little bit of sleep to make for a once in a life-time adventure with 17 college ball players and Bubba's dad.  This picture was taken as we made our way through the streets of Brugge.  I think it was that same day that I look back to as one of my most memorable. We wandered around Brugge, took pictures, sat outside on a beautiful sunny day, had wine and pate for lunch (well I did, Bubba had something with a little more substance and his Dad skipped the wine) and we watched people go about their day in a beautiful place (the boys were off touring through the square) and getting ready to play a ball game later that afternoon.  We found the food in Belgium to be fresh, light and they serve up some awesome pastries (if you can believe it, we didn't eat any chocolate).  By the way,  Belgium lays claim to the "French Fry" and it considered a popular fast food is to serve mayo with fries.  The baseball teams we played were all "club" teams and after most games, they hosted us to a simple meal ( I remember creamed something or other over fries for one meal).  And of course for those of us who were of drinking age, it was served with a favorite beer (if you haven't heard, they have lot's of beers in Belgium).  I personally enjoyed the "cherry beer". If you ever get a chance, you should consider a trip to this area of the world.

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