Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ice Box Cookies

As I continue to review My Grandma's Recipe Boxes for things to make/bake, I have realized that there are those recipes that are "no brainers" and then there are those that I have to work a little harder to read the hand writing or figure out "how" to put the ingredients listed on the card together.  Today, I decided I just wasn't up to major deciphering, so I looked for something of those "no brainers".  That led me to the cookie section, I mean how hard can cookies be? Right?  Well, there are some that are harder than others, but I remember my mom making these Ice Box Cookies  so I figured I knew I could figure out what to do.  They really are easy, and convenient, if you don't want to bake all the cookies at one time you just keep these wrapped up in wax paper and slice and bake as many as you want.  I found a couple "variations" as I rummaged through the boxes and I decided to make this version that uses ginger and cinnamon.  The other version uses basically the same ingredients only cloves are in place of the ginger and my sister reminded me that somewhere I should be able to find a chocolate version.  I will eventually make the other cookies as well and if I had thought about it sooner, I should have just made them both at the same time, would have been fun to compare the two.

Ice Box Cookies
1 C. sugar                      1 C. brown sugar
1 C. butter                     2 eggs
1 tsp. baking powder     1 C. nuts
1/2 tsp. ginger               4 C. flour
1/2 tsp. cinnamon          1 tsp. soda
Mix. Shape into 2 loaves.  Keep in ice box.  Cool 2 hours before using.  350 degrees, 8-10 minutes.

I creamed the butter and sugars, added the eggs and beat that some more, then added the spices, flour and soda and baking powder.  The loaves I made resulted in 2 "logs" about 2 inches in diameter.  I also messed up and used 1 tsp cinnamon, which was just fine.



  2. what a cute blog! that's awesome that you're baking through your grandma's recipe box. I've tried to decipher a few of my grandma's recipes as well. sometimes i have no idea what she wrote, but in the end the outcome is worth the struggle :)

  3. the cookies do look yummm! nice pictures

  4. Your grandmother would be proud! These ice box cookies look wonderful.

  5. oh what an adorable concept for a blog so cute


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