Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cream Tuna Delight

Casseroles have probably been a part of many a baby boomer's diet. I know I have made a few in my time.  Somewhat to my surprise, there aren't ton's of casseroles in My Grandma's Recipe boxes, but what isn't surprising is  that I would find a Tuna Casserole recipe somewhere in the mix. Seriously, who doesn't have a Tuna Casserole recipe in their recipe box or file?  As you will see, this is yet another simple recipe, with only 4 ingredients (not counting the bread crumb topping).  It seems impossible that I could mess this one up, but honestly, I actually managed to screw up a tuna casserole.  Yep, I can make a sausage log (see my previous post), but I can't make a tuna casserole.  Bubba rated this one a "4" on our 1 to 10 scale.  Honestly, he was being generous, because we threw this away immediately after dinner (I think it was still warm when the heavy blob hit the can).  Throwing away left overs isn't unheard of at our house, but throwing them away before making a stop over in the refridgerator is, and the Tuna Delight went straight from the table to the trash. Now, I am sure that my Grandma probably didn't throw many things away, remember, she wrote recipes on the backs of envelopes and used bridge tallies, so she probably wouldn't approve of my response to this casserole, but then again, I am thinking she probably knew exactly how to make this "delightful" tuna dish.  Probably of note...I doubt there are many food posts out there where someone admits to not being able to make a tuna casserole but we all know we've had a bad day in the kitchen a time or two :-)

Cream Tuna Delight
1 can white tuna - crumbled
1 small pkg. noodles - thin - cook in salted water and drain
1 can chicken soup
1 can small peas
Buttered crumbs on top. Bake 1/2 hr.

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