Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the mean time...

It's clear to me that as long as my house is for sale and time is spent waiting (and waiting) for that one person or family that decides our house is a fit for them, it's going to be hard to cook anything.  Sure as I get a bunch of ingredients out, I'll get that call that says..."an agent would like to see the house in 15 minutes"...not conducive to my kind of cooking...messy...I mean really messy.  So, I have decided to use this "break from cooking" to work on my photography.  Lord knows, I have plenty to work on.

 I think I mentioned we got a new kitten...Lucy is her name.  So here's picture...key to taking a picture of Lucy is to make sure the flash doesn't go off, otherwise her eyes would be shut.  All I can say is this...she's a pill. Her name in the shelter was "Pig Pen", at first it didn't seem fitting, but there are times, like when I figured out she was sleeping - yep, sleeping, in her litter box..that made it clear why the they called her Pig Pen.  Lately, we have been referring to Lucy as the "Hamburgler"...remember that little character from McDonald''ll see the resemblance!

Here's the "hamburgler" in action!!  So far her "thievery" has been focused on the dog's food.

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  1. This is hilarious! Lucy is quite the kitten and addition to the family! Also took some time to read through all your blogs and they are truly great. Especially the one about Christmas.


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