Saturday, May 1, 2010

Window Washing Compound

I think I have mentioned a few times that I am often surprised by some of the things I find in my grandma's recipe boxes.  At some point you would think that I would have seen all the recipes at least once, as my process is to read and read and read, until I find that one recipe that seems like the right one for that day.  Tonight, as I was searching for this weekend's recipe, I was once again surprised.  I wasn't really focused on a specific section, but had found a grouping of recipes that seemed to be out of order and "unfiled". Not really something unusual, but I just don't remember seeing any of these recipes before.  Any way, I find myself looking at a card that says..."Make dessert". Many of her recipes have notes about things she needs to do (not to be confused with directions on how to prepare the recipe...many of her recipes don't include directions), so this wasn't the surprise, and the recipe, while it says "drink - Cranberry juice" isn't that odd either, the fact that the recipe is for what looks like an orange juice, has me looking  at the card a little closer.  And I honestly feel like there must be more, so I turn the card over and there is the surprise... a recipe for Window Washing Compound.  Yep, window washing compound.  Now, I can't for the life of me connect any of the dots on this one recipe card.  I go from thinking about dessert, to thinking about drinking cranberry juice, to drinking an orange drink (with raw egg I might add) to Window Washing Compound. I do remember with fondness how "busy" my grandma always was, in fact, it wasn't until she was very old that I remember even seeing her sleep, so the fact that there is so much going on on one card just seems to fit the woman she was.  So maybe it's best to just leave it at that...she was my grandma, the queen of multi-tasking.

Window Washing Compound
2 c. ammonia
1 pt. rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dish washing detergent
Enough water for one gallon

I'll admit I don't know if I'll make this recipe (mostly because having a gallon of this stuff would be reason to wash windows and I don't want to wash windows!)  I am enjoying looking at the streaks and cob webs, they provide character.

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  1. I haven't been able to visit because I've been moving. But I'm glad I finally got the chance to stop by! It's always fun to see what you find in your grandma's recipe box and read your thoughts about it. And I agree about making this recipe...I don't want to commit to washing windows!


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