Sunday, September 26, 2010

After all the butter is gone..

I so need to cook, take pictures and post, but I am struggling to find time.  Not too mention that I am working on cleaning out cupboards and the pantry and trying not to leave an odor, but rather a fragrance afterwards, like that of just baked cookies.  Nothing I have thrown together, or heated up straight from the can,  would be worth looking at or writing about and none of it could be considered fragrant.  I suspect that I am a few weeks away from a 3-can special made up of  pinto beans, ginger and crushed pineapple (YUK!). (Hmmm - wonder what my Grandma would do?) Will have to think about that one for awhile.

And I am almost out of baking supplies, which means it is going to be hard to leave the house filled with that "just baked cookie smell".  In fact, I'm out of butter and trying to decide if I should give in and buy more so that I can bake cookies.  I've been thinking a lot lately about baking cookies and the link to selling my house.

How does that work any way?  I mean really, are you supposed to just whip up a batch of cookies in the time between "the call" and "the showing"?  Who can do that?  And if you can pull it off, what are you supposed to do with the cookies?  Leave them out for the realtor and the potential buyer?  What if they "hate" cookies or are on a diet? What if they want milk with their cookies?  Should I leave a note that says "there's milk in the fridge and a glass in the cupboard, help yourself". Then what, will they just sit and eat cookies and forget to look at the place or would it be possible that my cookies would be so tasty they'd take a big bite, smack their lips and say "I'll take it!"  If only it were that easy.

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  1. I liked this post even if you didn't cook anything and are on your way to whipping up pineapple ginger pinto bean surprise!

    What if you made a batch of cookie dough during some down time (after buying butter!) and froze it? Might be easier to pull off that fresh baked cookie smell in between getting THE call and the showing?

    All I know is I feel for you! It's hard work to sell a house. Maybe a batch of fresh baked cookies would soften up potential buyers!

    Good luck.


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