Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Box Rolls (Potato)

Long before I started cooking my way through my Grandma's recipe boxes, I was routinely looking through her recipe boxes for very specific recipes.  One of the first recipes that caught my eye was the one I attempted this weekend.  I had been traveling for work and while on the road we were served lunch at one of the sites.  Now I don't remember everything that was on the menu that day, but I still vividly remember the potato rolls the caterer served.  They were heavenly, and I quickly decided that the only thing I would eat for lunch that day was the rolls.  They had this wonderful light texture that melted in your mouth as it was filled with that subtle yeast flavor.  I came home and immediately said "I have to make those rolls".  So I thought maybe I could find a recipe in my Grandma's recipe box that might replicate those wonderful potato rolls.  As I thumbed my way through the "bread" section, I found a recipe all right, but I couldn't make anything of it.  I even mailed it to my mom to see if she could make sense of it.  She mailed it back.  I sent it to a fellow "foodie" who does lots of baking to see if he could make anything of it, his words were "Good Luck with that."  If you look at this recipe closely, you will understand...

 So nearly a year later and after reading it about 50 times, hoping I might make sense of it, I decided to dig in and try today...what the's only potatoes, flour, a little sugar, a couple of eggs, some yeast and my time... I'm happy to say, I made rolls.  They don't taste like those roles I can still remember, but I did make a potato roll.  So here they are:

Bubba likes these, he gave them a passing grade (he is still having trouble with the rating scale, but what the heck...I'll take a "P").  Below is the list of ingredients that are on the recipe card, as for directions...Good Luck!

Ice Box Rolls (Potato)
1 C. mashed potatoes                        2 eggs beaten
1/2 c. sugar                                       1 cake yeast - 1 1/2 pkgs
1 t. salt                                              Soak 10 min in luke warm 1/2 c water (potato)
1 C. flour
(3/4) 1/2 C. Crisco
1 C. scalded milk
Mix all together with spoon.   Mix with beater, a bit
Let rise twice in size
Add 4 cups or more (sifted)
Knead down on floured board.  Let rise twice in size roll out and 1/4 inch cut with butter and pinch.
I have no idea if my Grandma ever made these rolls, but by the look of the recipe card I would guess she had.  I also would guess that hers came out better than mine!

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