Sunday, September 13, 2009

How it all got started

Recently, while corresponding with an old friend and high school classmate, the inspiration for my blog finally  came to me.  She was cleaning out her recipe box and her daughter was concerned she was going to throw away one of her favorite recipes.  You know, the one that everyone knows will make an appearance at Easter Dinner or Thanksgiving or Christmas or the 4th of July family picnic.  The one that no one else can make but your mom or your grandmother.  It might be the one dish that on the way over to Grandma's you all joked about, but if it she didn't make it, the whole meal wouldn't be complete. Lime Jello with pineapple and cottage cheese on a couple of iceberg lettuce leaves comes to mind.  Well any way, thinking about their exchange reminded me of the numerous recipe boxes I inherited from my grandma Fyrne and how much joy I have found reading them, imagining who she cooked for, remembering her serving them and how much she loved cooking for us and that's when it hit me "Why not do my own Julie and  Julia?"  So, for however long it takes me, I am going to cook up dishes from her recipe collection...I am going to write about them and share them with should be fun, funny, sentimental and uplifting.  Who knows, you might even find a recipe you make yourself!


  1. Dude,
    Start cooking!

  2. I have recipes my Grandma Baker hand wrote for me and though I cook as little as possible these days, I treasure them as a gift from a woman I loved a bunch. This is a great idea.

  3. Wow....neat idea!! I just finished reading through your blog, and am subscribing. I love all the tidbits you are sharing to personalize it (trivia about the food or recipe and sharing about your grandmother's life).

    My recipes are in all sorts of disarray, but even with my new food blog I won't get rid of them. I think it's neat to see my scribbling over the years I've been married and cooking. And I can always remember where I got a recipe.

    One thing I try to do now is date when I made a recipe and our reaction to it...was it good, very good etc. Thanks for sharing!!


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